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How To Get Pregnant Fast & Easy: A Couples Fertility Guide

How To Get Pregnant: When Stress Affects Fertility by Dr Lauersen

Stress & Fertility: What You Must Know To Get Pregnant Fast! 

You've probably heard it a zillion times ..."Relax and it will happen"! 

But the truth is, even small every day stresses - things you may not even realize are stressing you out can come together to make getting pregnant harder than it has to be!

By teaching you to know and understand your body - and the everyday factors that affect your fertility at that very moment - you can learn how to turn your fertility on - and find the exact right time for you to conceive, quickly and easily!
Just some of what you'll learn includes:

                       * What affects ovulation - and 6 ways to know when
                           your body is ready  to conceive.

                       * What affects sperm count - and what your partner
                           can do to get his body ready for conception.

                             *  How relaxation can restore your fertility - and what
                           does it best!

                      *  How and why Yoga is fast proving to be the # 1
                           conception aid!

                     *  How to properly use a fertility monitor to help select 
                         the best days for conception.

                    *   Six things you can do right now to make your
                         bedroom more fertility friendly!

                       And that's just the very beginning!   All totaled,
                      Eat, Love, Get Pregnant
                     is filled to the brim with fast, easy,
                      simple ways to put you on the right track to getting
                        pregnant - and having a super healthy baby!

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