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How to make love to get pregnant by Dr Lauersen
It goes
without saying ...
making love
is what

The Couples Guide To Making Love & Getting Pregnant

But did you know that  sharing love, having love, believing in your love are also important ways to boost your fertility?

It's true!  Everyday we find more evidence of the important role that a couple's relationship can play in
helping them get pregnant-  with good evidence to show that warm, supportive, loving relationships can actually have an important impact on the hormones necessary for getting pregnant!

Which of course is not to say that a bad relationship - or no relationship - can result in pregnancy. Of course it can.

But ... in those couples having a problem getting pregnant, too often the role of their emotional life together
is overlooked as playing a role in their ability to get pregnant.

And in Eat, Love, Get Pregnant, you'll find all this exciting new information - plus how you and youar partner can  turn your relationship into the loving,  baby-making duo you were meant to be!

Just some of what you'll find in this section:

* How your relationship affects your hormones - and how to optimize both.

*Why  talking can lead to great sex - which in turn can lead to a faster conception!

* The sexy couples dance that can boost conception odds.  ( it's true!)

*  The one thing your partner can do for you that almost guarantees a quicker conception!

And that's just the start!  Because in
Eat, Love, Get Pregnant
you'll also discover that how you  make love is almost as important as when you make love - and how both can play  a major role in how quickly and easily you get pregnant! 

For example, did you know that ...

   * A recent study showed that an overwhelming number of women don't actually know how to tell when they are ovulating - and most miss their window of conception opportunity almost every month?

* The time of day you make love could significantly boost conception odds by maximizing your partner's sperm count?

* Making love every day isn't the best way to get pregnant ... but there are days when it pays to have sex more than once!

*  Some sex toys can boost your fertility - others can keep you from getting pregnant.

* Why one of the sexiest things you and your partner can  do might actually be keeping you from conceiving.

And that's just the start!
Eat, Love, Get Pregnant you'll find a virtual encyclopedia of the best ways you and your partner can work together - both in the bedroom and out of the bedroom - to encourage a fast, easy, and memorable conception!

But there's still more!  Click here to find out what else you'll discover in 

Eat, Love, Get Pregnant!
by Dr Lauersen
& Colette Bouchez

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