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Whether you've just started thinking about getting pregnant ...

Or you've been trying for a while....

Whether you want to get pregnant naturally ....

Or you want to increase the success of your next IVF, ICSI or Insemination ....

If you want to have the healthiest and happiest baby possible ....

Then let  Eat, Love, Get Pregnant be your guide to pregnancy success!
Written by fertility guru  Dr. Lauersen and women's wellness expert  Colette Bouchez  - already the best selling authors of  "Getting Pregnant: What You Need To Know Now "  and  "Green Fertility: Nature's Secret's For Making Babies"  -   comes this brand new, exciting approach to getting pregnant that can and
will change your life!

A heartwarming, yet authoratative guide Eat, Love, Get Pregnant is unlike any other fertility book ever written - and it promises to  take you  and your partner on a journey of self discovery that will  help unravel your personal secret  formula for getting pregnant. A  plan  that is so easy and simple to follow you won't believe how quickly your dreams will come tr
But that's exactly what will happen! !  A method  of increasing conception odds already used by thousands of couples at
a successful fertility clinic, now for the first time you can discover the  fast, easy, and important ways to get pregnant -  and have a healthy baby - while really enjoying yourself!

In fact, if you are tired of the "grind" of fertility treatments, if "trying " to have a baby has become just another entry on
your list of chores,  if you grow frustrated and weary at trying "yet one more time", then you owe it to yourself to give
Eat, Love, Get Pregnant the chance to help you!

And for those of you just thinking about having a baby - or maybe you've just started ?  Well
Eat, Love, Get Pregnant will be the only advice and guidance you'll need to make the perfect baby in record time!
So don't waste another minute!   Pick up your copy today -  and by this time next year you'll have the best chance ever to be cuddling a brand new healthy and beautiful baby in your arms!   That's our promise to you!



How to get pregnant fast by Dr Lauersen
Have a friend or family member trying to have a baby ? 
Eat, Love, Get Pregnant
makes a  heartwarming, beautiful gift for any couple!

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