eat, love get pregnant: a couples guide to fertility - Dr Lauersen's Guide

The Foods To Help You Get Pregnant FAST!

Now,  in Eat, Love, Get Pregnant you'll not only  discover what these  secret foods are but also how to quickly and easily combine them to create not only delicious, tasty meals, but also dishes that have scientifically proven to play a role in helping you pregnant!

Just some of what you'll find in
Eat, Love, Get Pregnant:

   The Six Fertility Foods That Begin Boosting Fertility
                                       Almost Immediately

   The Six Most  Common Foods To
Avoid If You Want To Get  Pregnant Fast

  The Fertility Fish: The One Fish That Can Help You Get Pregnant
                                            Faster Than   Any Other

                    How Eating Ice Cream Can Boost Your Fertility

                          The Fertility Salad: The Veggies That Can Help You
                                           Get Pregnant Faster!

                    The Herbal Tea That Studies Show Can Help You Get
                                              Pregnant Faster.

Fertility Fruit: The Berries That Encourage Ovulation
and Help You Make Better Eggs!

Is chocolate is really a fertility food ? It is!  Discover what
type to eat to help you get pregnant!

                     But there's still so much more ....

Indeed, whether you're young and healthy and simply want to get pregnant faster or you already know you have a fertility problem and are looking for ways to increase the success of your medical treatments, the important facts and helpful hints and tips
Eat, Love, Get Pregnant   will put you on the path to baby making success!

Just some of what you'll discover ...

* The one "healthy fat" that every woman must eat to have a healthy baby .

* Why eliminating just one common snack food can triple your chances for
getting pregnant!

* The foods that can increase the success rate of IVF, IUI Insemination
or any fertility drug.

* Which foods to eat -and which ones to avoid - if you've been diagnosed with
"unexplained infertility".

* The six foods that can help your body to manufacture more and better quality eggs and get you ovulating on time every month! Plus...which foods can disrupt ovulation, even in healthy women!

How eating the "right" carbohydrates can help you get pregnant
while eating the "wrong " ones can turn small fertility problems into much larger ones!

                       But as exciting as all this wonderful new information
              's just the beginning of what you'll find in
Eat, Love, Get Pregnant!

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                                                  this incredible book can offer !

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Foods to boost male and female fertility
If you've ever wondered if a fertitlity diet really works  or  if you've ever even  thought about whether or not a change in diet could enhance your fertility,  the truth is yes - it can!

Not only are there specific foods able to enhance your fertility
and help you get pregnant faster, there are certain food
combinations that can make a huge difference in not only
your fertilty, but in your partner's fertility as well. 
Foods to help you get pregnant fast
Foods for fertility

Eat Blueberries to get pregnant

How To Get Pregnant: A Simple Easy Proven  Fertility Diet Plan To Boost Male & Female Fertility

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